ATDC's heavy duty RS3 commercial roller shutter

2021-12-25 02:11:56 By : Ms. tina lang

The Australian Trellis Door Co. (ATDC) has recently installed its heavy duty extruded RS3 commercial roller shutter at Toymate’s new store at Watergardens Shopping Centre at Taylors Lake, a suburb north west of Melbourne.

Finished in a striking bright Blaze Blue powder coat from the standard dulux duralloy powder coat range, these electric operated shutters each spanned a width of 4m wide x 3m high.

The installation required battery back up facilities to prevent any down time in trading  in the event of a future power failure in the shopping centre.

Extra security was provided by the installation of key switches which restricts the number of persons able to operate the shutters.

Project manager for the installation was Red Box Displays.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at

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