Stainless steel roller conveyor with SGS certificate

ST Tempered Glass Chain  ConveyorST Stainless Steel Nylon Belt ConveyorST Stainless Steel Roller ConveyorST Stainless Steel liveroller Conveyor ST Stainless Steel  Belt Conveyor ST Stainless Steel Screw ConveyorST Stainless Steel Net ConveyorST Stainless Steel Seal ConveyorProduction descriptionType: HS-

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ST Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor
ST Stainless Steel Net Conveyor
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Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor with SGS Certificate
Production description

Type: HS-2800C

Pitch: 25mm. Minimum Width: 179.5mm. Open area: 0%. Approved: FDA. Rod: 4 diameter. Flight: NO; Side Guard: NO. Curve: NO

Color: White. Gray. Brown. Blue. Nature. Ect

Material: PP. PE. Stainless Steel. PVC. 

This type is designed for Packaging. Boxes...Can manufacturing industry. 

Sprocket: . 16T. Round bore. 

Our company is specialized in producing conveyor equipments, like screw conveyor, belt conveyor, Net Conveyor, chain conveyor, drag conveyor, trimmer conveyor, Roller Conveyor, live-roller conveyor, Seal conveyor, etc. In order to satisfy the masses of customers on the diversity of products demand, our company customizes machines that satisfied customers based on their actual need
Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor with SGS Certificate
Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor with SGS Certificate
Technical Parameter of Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor
MaterialStainless Steel,Carbon steel,according to customer's requirement
FinishMilled /Tin plating, copper-plating,hot-dip galvanizing, black oxide coating,red anodized,black anodized,painting,
powdering,rust preventive oil, titanium alloy galvanized, silver plating, plastic, electroplating, anodizing etc.
Testing EquipmentCMM,Projector,Pull Tester,Automatic Optic Inspector,Projecting apparatus
Salt Spray Test, Durometer, and Coating Analyzer,Tensile Machine
Management SystemISO9001:2008
Production CapabilityAuto-lathe turning:ODΦ0.5-20mm,Tol.±0.01mm
CNC lathe turning:ODΦ0.5-250mm,Tol.±0.005mm
CNC Milling:800x600mm(LxW),Tol.±0.05mm
Screw heading & rolling:Metric 0.8-M6,Unified Imperial#0-1/4''
Stamping:200T max
Lead Time5-15 working days
Delivery termBy DHL,UPS,TNT,FedEx,EMS,By Ocean,By Air
WarrantyReplacement at all our cost for rejected products

Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor with SGS Certificate
Widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical, foundry, building materials and other industries as well as transportation and production lines hydropower construction sites and port and other production departments Applicable materials: The use of continuous or intermittent motion conveyor belt to transport the following items or powder 100KG shape, teeth-like object, which runs high-speed, stable, low noise, and can transmit more than downhill Advantages: Mine conveyor is the best efficient continuous transport equipment, compared to other transport equipment (such as locomotive class), has long distance transport, large volume, continuous conveyor, etc., but reliable, and easy to implement automated and centralized control, especially for high-yield and efficient mine, conveyor has become the coal mining technology and equipment, electromechanical integration key equipment. The main feature is the belt conveyor body can easily scalable, feature stocker warehouse, tail can advance with the coal face stretched or shrunk, compact, not to set the foundation, laid directly on the roadway floor, lightweight chassis, disassembly is very convenient. When the transmission capacity and transport distance is large, it can be equipped with intermediate drives to meet the requirements. According to transportation technology requirements, single delivery, but also multi-level synthesis unit or inclined transportation system to transport materials. 

Why choose our product
1.Quality is our soul
2.With SGS certificate & ISO 9001 certificate
3.Can be customized according to customer's requirerments
4.Over 10-year life time.
6.Best service
Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor with SGS Certificate
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