Low price used Xd123/Xd123e rollers for sale in tandem

Low Price Used Xd123/Xd123E Road Rollers Tandem for SaleItemUnitXD123Operation weightkg12300Front wheel distribution qualitykg6200Rear wheel distribution qualitykg6100Speed rangekm/hI GEAR 0-6 / IIgear0-8 / IIIgear0-12Theoretical climbing ability%35M

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Low Price Used Xd123/Xd123E Road Rollers Tandem for Sale
Operation weightkg12300
Front wheel distribution qualitykg6200
Rear wheel distribution qualitykg6100
Speed rangekm/hI GEAR 0-6 / IIgear0-8 / IIIgear0-12
Theoretical climbing ability%35
Minimum turning radius (inside / outside)mm4470/6600
The maximum amount of crabmm±160
swing angle°±8
Steering angle°±35
Static linear loadN/cm297/297
Nominal amplitudemm0.30/0.80
Vibration frequencyHz50/67
Exciting force (high frequency)kN103/159
Model DEUTZ BF4M1013-15T3R2
Rated powerkW111
Rated speedr/min2100
system voltageV24
steering systemMPa17.5
Oil filling pressureMPa2.4
driving systemMPa42
Vibration systemMPa33
Wheel pressureL40
Hydraulic tankL80
Engine oilL16
Fuel tankL240
water tankL1000
ambient temperatureºC-10ºC~+40ºC

Compare with other models:
operation weight123001320014000kg
Front wheel distribution quality620066007000kg
Rear wheel distribution quality610066007000kg
Speed rangeI GEAR 0-6 / IIgear0-8 / IIIgear0-12Igear 0-6 / IIgear0-8 / IIIgear0-12Igear 0-6 / IIgear0-8 / IIIgear0-12km/h
Theoretical climbing ability353535%
Minimum turning radius (inside / outside)4470/66004470/66004470/6600mm
The maximum amount of crab±160±160±160mm
swing angle±8±8±8°
Steering angle±35±35±35°
Static linear load297/297305/305330/330N/cm
Nominal amplitude0.30/0.800.30/0.800.30/0.80mm
Vibration frequency50/6750/6750/67Hz
Exciting force (high frequency)103/159110/170110/170kN
ModelDEUTZ BF4M1013-15T3R2DEUTZ BF4M1013-15T3R2DEUTZ BF4M1013-15T3R2 
Rated power111111111kW
Rated speed210021002100r/min
system voltage242424V
steering system17.517.517.5MPa
Oil filling pressure2.42.42.4MPa
driving system424240MPa
Vibration system333333MPa
Wheel pressure404040L
Hydraulic tank808080L
Engine oil161616L
Fuel tank240240240L
water tank100010001000L
ambient temperature-10ºC~+40ºC-10ºC~+40ºC-10ºC~+40ºCºC

Detail Pictures:
Low Price Used Xd123/Xd123e Road Rollers Tandem for Sale
Low Price Used Xd123/Xd123e Road Rollers Tandem for Sale
Low Price Used Xd123/Xd123e Road Rollers Tandem for Sale
Low Price Used Xd123/Xd123e Road Rollers Tandem for Sale

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